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Electrical appliances remodeling

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

nullElectrical appliances remodeling requires great caution while handling live wires, wiring, cords etc. If you are careless, it might lead to various hazards like electrocution and fire. These simple tips can be really helpful incase you are planning to remodel your electrical appliances:

Before remodeling any electrical appliance, you need to disconnect it by unplugging it. Wearing rubber-soled shoes while doing work also helps as a measure of safety.

For this purpose, you should use insulated power tools, double insulated ones are really efficient. These comprise of an inbuilt protective insulation that saves you from electrocution. Always make sure your power tools are properly grounded except the double insulated ones.

Always wear safety gear like helmets, proper shoes, and goggles with side guards – to protect your eyes from injury, and gloves.

While working, always use short extension cords to prevent over heating. Longer ones always have a chance to catch fire.

These simple steps can ensure safety while remodeling your kitchen appliances.