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Where to add humidifiers?

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Even if your entire house is quite fresh and aerated, there are bound to be certain spaces that remain cluttered. These are your attic, basement and cellar (if there). These are the places where you can place your humidifiers.

Before that, see if you can open your basement or attic to an opening. If not, allow ventilation through ducts or air conditioner. Keep it well-spaced by placing your stores in a corner. Hard substances should best be placed over rubber felts as not to put extra burden on the floor. This way, your floor will remain largely dust-free.

Humidifiers will keep it saved from extra moisture. Dampness will otherwise encourage stuffiness and clutter. Have good pumps facilitating your humidifiers and see to it that the air velocity is good. Keep changing it at intervals for best result. Of course, expend only within means as these rooms are only secondary in your scheme of things. Keep these rooms fragrant.

Sitz bath tubs

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Those with hemorrhoids or other rectal problems often try corrective measures in their bathrooms! Doctors recommend sitz baths for them. This revolutionary Japanese technology has seen a shoot in sitz tub sale over the world.

These don’t allow you to spread your entire body horizontally. You can only manage to sit in a squatting posture and be drenched till your bellies. Allow your posture to remain for about 20-40 minutes. You can add bath salts or general soap mixtures to make your stint happening. You can also add jet sprays for further entertainment.

Sitz baths are generally taken with warm water. You can then an actual cold water bath and pasteurize your wounds. Else there is always the option of applying shaved ice on your hemorrhoids. Ensure that water in sitz tub is clean enough. Thus sanitize your basins. Keep changing and circulating your tub water after every bath. Add a skewered hole in the tub for that.

Greenhouse details

Friday, August 13th, 2010

If you own a greenhouse, it is so much better for your farm growths. This is a contraption by which you conserve hot air in the greenhouse enclosure and that will suit you in cold climate. Just keep it fresh and ever clean and let no dust settle in.

You have to make your greenhouse in the open so that it retains much sunlight. Of course it will also retain moisture and thus you need to install dehumidifier and anti-condenser units. Place resin materials here and there for temperature regulations in harsh climes.

Use your ventilators and heaters properly. For sensitive plants, try covering them with shade-cloths. Place them in additional plastic screen for safety. Tarpaulin sheets may serve your paddy growth well.

You can have them in triangular shapes or better in gothic design. The latter allows extension of the project when you need one. Choose your growths beforehand and adapt accordingly.

Make a customized hut

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Huts have stayed from early men times. Now, with advent of mud architecture, you can have customized huts.

You may have them built in compressed mud or better still, mud mixed with concrete. Have proper partitions to announce different spaces like kids’ room or kitchen. Bulkheads will account for overhangs. You may adopt the styles found in pagodas with tapestries hanging from the ceiling.

For your dorm rooms, ventilation is properly required and go for a couple. Infiltration ventilator suits huts quite well. Try using heaters to a minimum degree. Have them roofed with thatch and never asbestos. Even if you lace it with concrete floors and wallpaper hangings, ensure that some hut ethnicity remains.

You can go for rare paints to improve the look. Appropriate use of canopies and fabrics is required. You may adorn the walls in traditional paintings. These also come with customized fire place and specialized bars.

Copacabana cottages

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Copacabana cottages are generally placed on the beach with stylized view of the ocean. These have sloping roofs and natural setting. You can have thatched roof or do them with prefabricated tiles or metals.

Have your inside spacious and flush it with sleeping details. Place a king size bed and flank it with bunk beds or cabin beds. This will then allow a sizable number of revelers. Spare one or two thought on your verandah.

These cottages have quite an idyllic porch area. These open up to a small garden and are laced with ivies. You can place a couple of rocking chairs and have wooden deck railings. If your cottage has two stories, cover the mezzanine window with green growths. It will keep the indoor air quality fresh and lend you spectacular privacy. You can have a three or four bedroom cottage rented. These also come with parking facility for two cars.

Ranch style bathrooms

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Ranch style bathrooms are more naturally oriented. These are quite common in Texas. You have to first allow generous ventilation by opening a big window out. It is best if this aperture opens up to a fountain or a well.

Have your countertops done in wood. Old sandstone also looks good in ranch setting. Place thematic tiles on the lower side of each wall. If it is kid’s bathroom, splash it with colors, or leave it somber.

Ranch style bathrooms are also huge in size. Thus take corrective measurements if you are starting up. Leave enough space for your sitz or Japanese bathtub. Leave ordinate space for console. You can place cabinets to constrict that space. You may or may not have corner shower stalls. Just place shower channels in the middle and that will suffice.

Keep it clean and well aerated. It should not mirror an actual cattle ranch in Texas.