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Tips to install carpet on your stairs

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Installing carpet in the stairs is a tough job but when it is done is looks out of this world. Carpeting the stairs needs a lot of knowledge and the right tools which will help you in doing the work easily without hurting yourself. You should also have the necessary materials that should be of good quality and durable in nature. The materials needed in carpeting your stairs are carpet runner, tack-less carpet fastening strips, paper, heavy rubber or felt stair carpet padding and heavy-duty staples.

A large number of tools need to be arranged if you are planning to do this yourself without taking the help of a professional. Some of the tools which will be needed are pliers, scrap wood 3/4-inch-thick, pencil or chalk to mark, vacuum cleaner, small handsaw, ruler or measuring tape, heavy scissors, hammer, broad-bladed chisel or a stair wedging tool, sharp heavy-duty blades along with a utility knife and last but not the least knee kicker.


DIY Plumbing Repairs

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Some plumbing jobs can be done at home by any individual without the need for any specialists. These jobs are known as Do It Yourself or DIY jobs. It needs one to know the basics of plumbing like what is a plumber’s tape, what is a pipe wrench, how some common repair elements look like and what is the procedure for some common jobs like shutting off valves.

This type of plumbing job entails normal repair jobs where one needs to think quickly on one’s own feet and act quickly. There are some things that one needs to remember while attempting to repair plumbing jobs on their own. First one should always know how to access the problem area before intervening in the job. One always needs to know what tools and materials one will need to correct the problem. Doing plumbing work on one’s own can really help in saving a lot of time and money for anyone.

Start you own green house

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Green house is a very important concept in preserving the environment and helping the world against the rising global warming. It’s indeed very easy to start off with your own green house. It all depends on the gardening type you’re looking for. You can sow the plants you want to grow. You can have the arrangement of the inlay like you want to. Your decision also depends up on whether you want a temporary greenhouse or a permanent one. You might not need a very large green house though unless you’re planning to have a lot of plants inside.

Once you’re decided with the area and foundation where to sow the plants your construction work begins. The frame can be of sawn timber. Connect the timbers to make walls after laying them out on a flat surface. You should use galvanized nails to join them. You should use PVC hoops to connect pipelines. After you’re done with it you can sow the greenhouse plants you want to.

Choice of wallpaper for a toddler’s nursery

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Decorating a toddler’s nursery is not an easy job. There are so many designs and options to choose from that, it is really very difficult to come down to one single way. One can choose from a disney babies, elmo and friends, little ducklings, beatrix potter, noah’s ark and so many others. If one is choosing the perfect wallpaper for his/her toddler, then one should keep in mind some of the basic guidelines and advice.

First and foremost one should decide on a motif. One should have a pretty good idea about the way the nursery will look after decorating it. Keeping the design simple and bright is another very important thing. Wallpapers with simple stripes or those with some prints on them can also be attractive to the toddler. However, it should always be kept in mind that toddlers grow up very fast and they might change their tastes according to that. So it is very important to install wallpapers that can be easily replaced.