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Improve you kitchen’s look with simple tips

Monday, April 30th, 2012

kitchen decorKitchen is considered as the heart of every house and it is the place where a homemaker spends most of her time. There are simple ways to improve the condition of your kitchen, without spending much. The best way is to opt for free standing furniture which you help you in saving a lot of your money. You can use your own creative idea to design the kitchen as per your need and requirement.

You can either paint or give redesign the cabinets in your kitchen. You can pick up your old furniture and give a new look by coloring and polishing it. Design it according to the size of the kitchen and try to utilize the space in the best possible way. Paint it with dark shades of color so that it does not get messy early. Paint will give a new look instantly. Invest in the latest energy efficient appliances.


Wood or glass, which is a better pick for coffee table

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Coffee tables enhance the look of any room. They are very useful and make the whole sitting area more inviting and classy. So choosing the right kind of material for a good coffee table is very much necessary. People are easily confused between glass and wood when it comes to selecting the material for coffee tables.

If you literally place coffee mugs, beer glasses and any other beverage on the table, choose glass as it stains less. if you ant a wooden feel, do remember to laminate it. Glass tables are easy to clean too. But if you have small children who tend to come around the table, then choose a wooden table as glass can break and cause dangerous hazards. However if you can be safe enough and you have enough space, get both and place in different corners of the room to create a funky, mix and match look for your home.

Add an artistic touch to your home with stained glass windows

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

stained glass windows,Home DecorStained glass windows carry a certain sophistication and intricacy that has been used for ages and never lost its beauty or popularity. This is an amazing way of creating a soothing environment in your home or office, by reflecting the perfect amount of light to enter the room. Earlier the stained glass windows were used in holy places like churches and cathedrals. But today this ageless form of art has become one of the most attractive piece of art in the contemporary home décor.

Get your favorite painting or patterns embossed on the stained glass and add a piece of your own art to your home. There are many types of stained glasses available according to budget of the buyer such as streaked, wispy, opalescent, translucent, textured or cathedral. Now you can bring the intriguing glass art of the cathedrals you love visiting into your home and define the artistic touch in your choice.

Elegant modern lighting options for you

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

modern lighting options, home decorLights can create magic. All you need to do is use the right lights for illuminating rightly. The usage of lights can make or break the look and feel of the home’s decor. If you use modern chandeliers they can create an elegant aura almost everywhere you install them .conventionally they look royal just above your dining table and your living room. Despite the conventional past modern chandeliers look absolutely contemporary.

Apart from chandeliers you can also use recessed lighting which can undoubtedly illuminate the room without harming the flow of the designs. You can use these lights to highlight design elements like textured walls or paintings. Another creative light option that you can effectively use is adjustable up light. This kind of modern light is designed to sit on the floor. This will highlight the darkened area of the room. Mirrored lights, scones, table lamps illuminated surfaces and minimalist chandeliers add serenity and grace to your home.

Wall mounted fireplaces: a good choice to create a cozy space

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Wall mounted fireplaces, fireplacesFireplaces have been a part of homes for centuries. It creates a very comfortable, cozy, and elegant look to your room. Mostly, bedrooms, study and drawing rooms look best if there is a fireplace to spice up and decorate the area. Traditional fireplaces are being replaced by in built wall fireplaces these days. They are so useful and easy to install that everyone who has a considerable amount of space on the wall should get it.


You can for getting it hung up like a wall hanging or even a full reinforce inbuilt fireplace as well. The great thing about these contemporary fireplaces is that it may look like a decorative wall hanging or a painting, but at the same time, it will induce a bright flickering flame.  It is electrically charged and it produces heat within minutes. You also don’t have to permanently install them as they can be taken down and shifted or taken from one place to another as you wish.