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Delights for farm lovers: tractor fabric

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Home fabrics, fabric stylesYou must be tired of the tremendous work pressure and rush in your daily life. The increasing pollution, the hectic urban life have made you completely fed up. You must be looking for a few days rest in a place full of greenery and fresh air. But it is always not possible to get such a place unless and until you have some farm house anywhere in the country side. Well you needn’t worry much as you can now have that greenery and peace in your own home and say thanks to the tractor fabric for that.

The fabrics are much cool and look pretty. The green colored fabric along with cattle, trees, farm house etc give your house a rural side atmosphere where your mind can relax after the whole day’s work. You can also decorate your kid’s room with tractor fabric. It will help them to concentrate and feel relaxed after the all day work.

Various uses of cork pin boards in your home

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Buy a cork pin board, use of pin boardsThere are a lot of modern options for using cork pin boards in your home other than the 60s and 70s board walls of cork.

If you are thinking to buy a cork pin board, there are a lot of options available in the market. You can go for different shapes, design and colors that will suit the décor and style of your home. You can buy traditional brown colored cork pin boards or modern bright colored boards. Cork pin boards are of much use especially if you have the habit of misplacing important papers and want to organize them. For this reason first and foremost it is a good idea to place your cork pin board in your study room. If you have an interest in cooking, you can place your cork pin board near your kitchen to pin up important recipes for you to remember while cooking. You can also have a cork pin board in your bedroom to remember your meetings.

Wickless candles as décor accessories

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Decorate home with candle, home decor accessoriesPlanning to decorate your house with wickless candles? Well it is a great option as candles add to that romantic touch to the entire room. Wickless candles are easier to use and thus can be used in areas where you can’t even think of. Besides the wickless candle products are said to have a nice aroma which will surely enhance the mood of the room.

It is said that the wickless candles appeal more aesthetically that the framed ones. The framed candles may lead to fire accidents or dripping wax injuries. There is not much danger in using the wickless candles. The candles are also very hassle free as due to the absence of the real wax the place does not get messy. You can transform the outside living space into a beautiful garden with the help of the candles. You can use the candles in bathrooms, kitchen, kid’s room, bedroom, dining room everywhere. Besides this candles will continue to give you light even when the weather is breezy as there is no fear of it getting extinguished. The framed candles will end sometime or the other but that is not the case with the wickless ones.

Wall art for that medieval touch

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Wall art ideas, wall decor tipsThere are a lot of different ways of decorating your house. One of the best ways of doing up your house is by applying wall art. The conventional painted walls are good but they are done to death and can be boring at times. On the other hand, different wall arts with many kinds of artistic designs can bring a very interesting appeal to the walls of your house.

You can bring a certain mysticism to your house by getting a medieval feel to your house. You can get this from wallpapers of even hangings. When you are considering wallpapers you will have a lot of options. You can cerate a stonewall image on the walls with an illusion of a dark cave through the walls. You can have iron candle bearer on your wall that will give you the perfect look of a dining room of a medieval king.

Top 5 must have home accessories for your contemporary home

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Home decor accessories, home decorAs the summers are rounding up why not take a pick on the new decor pieces that comes wallet friendly as well as add quite some elegance to your home. It also reflects warmth and an added cosy flavour to the home decor. So here follows few tips that you van think upon for a shopping spree.

Start off with some cosy candle purchase. They are available both in style and aroma; they best suits when matched with different sizes. The aroma choices available are chocolate and vanilla; they could be quite unresistable as decor impression. The pillows can be an added decor piece too, when you can have some extra purchases with retro and contemporary looks, you can fit them at any place you feel for added comfort in living or bedroom or may be for the patio. With guests, there need for food servings, and so getting you dining table some new add one are quite desired along with extra cooking stuffs. Rugs and doormats need a face lift too with the theme decor. Curtains and furnishings can have a change in outlook.