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Taking Proper Care Of A Glass Dining Table

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Glass Dining TableDining table is a very essential part of your dining room. Thus you have to give attention to its regular maintenance especially if the dining table is made out of glass. Glass dining tables look beautiful and make your dining room look bright and elegant. The glass table is generally composed of a material called fiber glass which is sturdy to a great extent. But that does not mean glass dining tables do not require proper maintenance. This article will list down certain ways in which you can take proper care of your glass dining table.

Whenever you are cleaning your glass table you must use a soft cloth or a sponge. Make use of a glass cleaner that is of a superior quality. Incase there are scratches on the table then a buffing wheel can be utilized to remove them from the glass dining table. Small marks on the glass table can be covered up using the transparent nail polish. If there are big marks on the table then you must take the assistance of professionals. You can get rid of the chips on the table by rubbing water and emery paper. You have to apply a little pressure and use circular movements while rubbing the chipped portion of the glass dining table. Cover the table with a beautifully designed table cloth if possible to protect the table top.

In order to make your glass dining table more impressive and artistic you can experiment with the base of the dining table. The legs of the table can resemble some shape or a decorated wooden base can be used or some design carved on the stone can be a good addition to your glass dining table. If the gorgeous base of the table can be seen from the top of the table then that would give a really mesmerizing look to your dining room.