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How To Adjust Door Closer

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Adjust Door CloserA door closer automatically closes the door as many times it is opened. The door closer holds a hydraulic based mechanism. The closers must be adjusted in such a way that it closes the door more rapidly and slowly and also can be used to hold the door for a little moment before the closing process begins. They help to avoid damage to walls by taking the place of a door stop and also can be adjusted to construct the door latch more tightly and steadily.

• Adjusting your door closer – Carry a step ladder so that you can reach the door closer quite easily from second to third topmost step in order to adjust the door closer. Ascend the ladder and thoroughly inspect the closer. In case you can’t see the alteration screws then it is quite sure that the closer has a cover. The cover can be of plastic or it might be of a metal. If you cannot see the fastener embracing the cover on it means that the cover is detained on by pressure. In case you see the fastener you can normally release them up instead of removing them as the cover and fastener will slip off.

• If you see that there is no oil in the cover or the oil is leaking from the closer body ask for professional help. You may require a new door closer. In case you found no leakage is there you can proceed further.

• Now you can look on at the adjustment screws as you have the covers off. If you are fortunate then there will be a drawing inside the cover or they will be marked on the closer body. You may have to make a little research to see which is what if you are not lucky enough. Always keep in mind that when it comes to turn the door closer alteration screws, a slight one goes a long method. Begin with 1/8 of the turn. Rotate the alteration screws clockwise to slow down the door closer and counter clockwise to pace it up. Descend the ladder and scrutinize the effect.

Now unlock the door and observe it while closing. If the door does not close in the first attempt then do it for 10 times. If the door closes properly every time then it is done.