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5 Ways To Protect Your House From Cold

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

protect House From ColdHarsh cold weather is tough on the body as well as for your home. You have to learn to deal with problems that every season brings along with it. Maintenance along with some tips is ideal for protecting your house from cold. Not only should the inside of the house rather the outside area of the house and the surroundings also be protected. There are many ways of protecting your house. Home inspection is also necessary in the initial phase so that you get to know how you have to protect the house.

• Inspection of the place – before the cold weather sets in you should inspect the fire place as well as chimney before using it so that it does not create a blast as you start it after a year. Heating it with fuel and wood is ideal but it should be at your disposal. The tank should be full if you use propane oil. For cracks you should check the exchanger of heat.

• Cleaning the drapes and blinds – the drapes and blinds should be cleaned and kept closed at times but not in the morning because that is the time when sunlight penetrates the room through window. For intense storms and blizzards you can install plastic sheets and also get the kit of window insulation. Air conditioners from the window should be removed. You should also check for any sort of hole outside near the window. Weather stripping should be replaced from time and again. On the sills of window, near the frames of window and against the door you should put draft snakes.

• Keeping vents clear – ventilation in the attic is ideal so that there is no blockage of ice drops on your roof. There should be no insulation blocking in the attic so proper ventilation is required. In fact with gutters too ice is blocked so stay away from it.

• Thermostat and water heaters to be in good condition –
the thermostat should be in continuous running state so that it works properly and spare batteries is also required. Warm water should be available through geysers but make sure to check your meter and clean it. If something is blocking to allow the water to enter smoothly then you should shut off the valve.

• Garage door is to be kept closed and so is the balcony balcony can be kept open in the morning as sunshine penetrates but other times if the garage is attached to the home then it is advisable to keep the door closed. Cold air will not enter your house.

Other ways by which you can steer away from cold is to get the snow cleared from the entrance of the door and also from the garden area. The water can get frozen in the holes, if there are any in the walls so it should be closed properly. The freezing pipes also get thawed in winter so you have to clear that off as well.