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Tips for Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Choosing right contractorYour roof protects you and your family from unforeseen contingencies. This means that it is not something to be dealt with lightly. By not taking your roof seriously, you could put both you and your family at risk. Therefore, you should be absolutely sure before hiring a roofing contractor because you are not only putting your roof in his or her hands, you are also putting your safety in his or her hands. By following the tips below, you can rest assured that you have chosen a professional roofing contractor.

  • Verify their license

A business license is very important for any roofing contractor in your state or local area. In fact, according to the experts at All Around Roofing and Exteriors Inc, finding a licensed roofing contractor is the “most important” part of the process. If you are in a dilemma it is advisable to contact the licensing board or department of professional regulation in your state or local area. Another option is to visit the contractors licensing website for getting details regarding licensing in your state.

  • Check other details

You need to have confirmation regarding the legality and legitimacy of the contractor’s business. In order to confirm this, you should check the tax identification number, phone number, email address, location, and website of the contractor.

  • Guarantee insurance coverage

It is certainly an important point to be considered because once you hire a contractor for your work, you don’t want to have to get involved in any lawsuits should a worker have an accident while working on your home or business. Thus, you need to have a clarity regarding whether the contractor has worker’s compensation and insurance coverage. If the answer is “yes”, then your next step is to make sure that it covers the duration of the project. It should cover the entire project, not just a part of it.

  • Check out reviews

Reviews allow you to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of hiring a particular contractor. Reviews are written by people who have experienced first hand the quality of work of a particular contractor. With reviews in hand, you can have a pretty good idea of whether or not the contractor will do good work or not. It is much easier to find a quality roofing contractor if the roofing company website has already posted their past clients’ reviews. You can also get to know more about a contractor’s image by calling your local better business bureau or your state’s department of professional regulation.

  • Ensure contractor’s proof

If you decide to hire a particular contractor, ask for proof in the form of certification. You can ask for a license or other related documents which assures you that they are capable and well trained to do their job in the proper manner.

  • Take details of the contractor’s project     

A smart homeowner will always get the proper details regarding their roofing project. You need to compare your estimate with that of the contractor’s. For that you need to get the details regarding your roof like how long the project will take, how many workers will be involved, and other details. By doing this, you get a fair idea of the work to be done.

  • Get warranty information

Get the warranty information for your roofing project in full and check with the roofing contractor to make sure you fully understand what could invalidate the warranty.

  • Demand for proposal in writing

Do not hesitate to demand information in writing. Ask for information in writing such as the daily start up time and end time, length of the project, roofing materials to be used, safety procedures, amount of payment, modes of payment, and clean up methods. This will help to keep your contractor accountable.