Baby proofing your bedroom

bedroom decor, bedroomIf you have a baby in your home, then you have to take proper care of your belongings and have to ensure safety of the items. In short you have to baby proof your bedroom to protect all the decorative and expensive interior props in your bedroom.

The first thing you can do is to keep your baby in front of your eyes always. But this may not be possible always since you may have to go for some work. Taking your baby everywhere with you and keeping an eye on his movement is simply not possible. So the question arises what should you do to baby proof your bedroom.

Keep the things out of the reach of your baby. If there is some statue or show piece which expensive and attractive, keep it in the shelves and lock it up so that your baby can’t get hold of it. You can also keep it in a higher shelf as well. In this way it will be away from your baby’s reach as well as your guests will get to see it too.

Don’t forget to switch off all the electrical connections to those things which your baby is likely to touch. This will ensure that even if he wishes to switch on the bulb of your table lamp, there is not fear of him getting affected by the electricity.

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