Baby tubs

nullBaby tubs are ideal for new parents as they are safe and provide the right space for bathing the baby. In order to give the newborn a relaxing bath, all you need is a good upright baby tub. They are made of non-toxic plastic and give lot of natural space for the baby to unwind. This tab is made in a way to support the baby’s back and help the baby rest its feet against its walls.

Some baby tubs are inflatable and specially padded to prevent slips. It is in the form of a duck and so the baby loves to play with it. This tub comes with a security disc to measure the warmth of the water. These lightweight tubs can be stored any where and carried along. Water can be drained and it can be folded and safely tucked away after the baby’s bath. These come for various age groups and are specially designed keeping the baby in mind.

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