Building wooden gazebo

wooden gazebo, home decorWooden gazebo is the best place for relaxation. Do you have a garden? Then what are you waiting for. Place a wooden gazebo and relax with your friends and family. This wooden gazebo will make your garden more elegant.

• Decide the location for the gazebo.
• Measure the space for your wooden gazebo
• Design your gazebo with professionals or with your own idea.
• Purchase the wood from the hardware store. There you can cut the wood according to your plan
• Dig the hole for placing the gazebo posts.
• Now place the posts on the hole and fix with concrete.
• Use the leveler to check whether the posts are even.
• Leave it for 24 hours. So that the concrete will get dry.
• Then install the deck and fix it using screws.
• Install the center deck.
• Measure the distance between two opposite posts. Purchase roof rafters and nail two opposite rafters to the center of the roof.

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