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Tips to Hire a Hardwood Floor Contractor

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Tips to Hire a Hardwood Floor ContractorFlooring is considered to be the important thing which the home owners need to comply with in their home. There are many types of flooring which you can install in your home and one of them is the hardwood flooring which the home owners must go for. But you must take certain things in it consideration that at the time of installing hardwood flooring in your home, its installation must be done in a better manner so that any issues regarding it does not arise. Well, for this there are certain things like tips to hire a hardwood floor contractor for your home which you must take in to consideration.

There are many questions and well you can say it tips which can help you in the process of hiring a hardwood floor contractor for your home because if you are not going for the best hiring of hardwood floor contractor for your home than there might be possibility that your floor can get installed in bad manner and this can create many problems for the home owners and their expenditure too. There are certain things and tips which the home owners must ask for the contractor at the time of hiring a hardwood floor contractor like their license, their legality, time span for working in your home, etc. and many more of such things which you need to consider at the time of hiring a hardwood floor contractor for your home.

Tips to hire a hardwood floor contractor

  • The first and the foremost thing which the home owners must take in to consideration at the time of hiring a hardwood floor contractor at your home is the budget. All the home owners of not have more of their budget to focus on the installation of flooring in their home, so as the contractors. All the contractors have their different rates and estimates which you need to ask about it to the contractor who you are going to hire at the time of hiring a hardwood floor contractor. Another thing which you must go for at the time of hiring a hardwood floor contractor is the compatible prove which you need for your home at the time of installing your floor.
  • There are many things which you need to ask to the contractor that at the time of dealing with the contractor of hiring a hardwood flooring contractor is that all the things of the contract must be in written so that it can help you with the proof which you are in need of. If you find anything fishy in the contract than at least you can have the proof which can help you in getting your things done in a legal manner.
  • Another important tip which the home owners must comply with at the time of hiring a hardwood floor contractor for your home is the insurance and the safety securer for the workers who are in work with the contractor. This thing is important because we never know that which things can accidently happen and conducts up in getting the liability on you.


Types of wooden flooring

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

wooden flooringWooden flooring can be categorized into several ways such as the material of the wood, the form of the material used and also the process in which the wooden floor is laid out. Flooring options in a house can be decided by the level of use and also the time for which the floor will be used. Given below are the types of wooden floors according to the categories in which they are divided:

• According to type of material- classification of wooden floors can be done as per the material. Oak, walnut and maple are the most popular amongst the wooden floors. They are known for their hardness and can be used for a long time. Some of the other woods which are also used for flooring purposes are teak and some other exotic types. They are well known for their design and finish. Pine wood is also another material which is used to make wooden floors but they are basically softwood.

• According to form of material- in this category there are three types of wooden floors such as engineered, acrylic-impregnated and solid wood. Solid wood is the one which is common in many houses. It is a full piece of solid timber which is laid out to make the floor. Engineered flooring on the other hand is made by thin layers of hardwood. It is laid in a crisscross manner which is perfect for more weight and force. Flooring for the basement can be a good idea if it is done through engineered flooring. Acrylic-impregnated flooring involves the usage of both solid timber and acrylic to make the floor more durable and withstand heavy traffic.

• According to which the floor is laid out- one type of flooring involves the wood to be laid out in strips and the width of the strips may vary from 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches. Another type would be in which the planks are used. They are almost similar to the wooden strips but the wooden strips are generally wider than the planks. Parquet flooring is another type of flooring in this category where small pieces of wood are kept in alternate directions forming attractive geometric patterns.

• According to installation procedure- wooden floors are often installed with sub floors beneath it. They are normally fixed with the help of nails, glue or staples. Another process in which floors are installed is known as floating wood floor. Here instead of a sub floor foam is used to keep all the pieces together.

Taking Appropriate Care Of Wood Flooring

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Wood FlooringWood floors have long durability. However, if you connive at the regular care of wood flooring, it will be destroyed. Your floor will glow in case you pay attention to wood flooring.

Different Tips to Take Care of Wood Flooring

There are different shortcut ways to maintain wood floors. Dirt and stains must be cleared to make the wooden floors durable. Therefore, install the door mats or area rugs on the floors. Dirt reduces the luster of the floors which are made of wood. Water splashes deteriorate the wooden platforms. Don’t pour water on the wooden floors for cleaning. During rainy seasons, water can enter into the room. Wood floors are exposed to moisture. For this reason, cover the whole floor with a carpet or any plastic sheet. Though rust doesn’t attack the wood floor, insects ruin the wooden floors. Therefore, you must take extra preventive measures. Mildew, critters, carpenter ants and bees perforate the wooden platforms. That’s why, apply the powerful insecticides to terminate the insects/critters from the wooden floors.

Many irresponsible home owners move their large furniture pieces by dragging on the floor. The outer surface of the wood floor is scratched and dented. It is better to lift the heavy home décor devices when you need to install new home appliances. Finally, sunlight generates energy to activate the life. However, UV rays burn the inflammable products. Install the large curtains/lengthy blinds to prevent the entry of ultra violet rays to discolor the wooden floors. When you clean the wooden floors, you must use brooms or vacuum cleaners to remove dust. To wipe out the old stains or patches of mud from the floor, use the soft clothes. Don’t take a brush with sharp bristles to rub the floor. The wooden floors must be polished. If you are not aware of the wood floor coloring, hire professional floor designers. Wood is a valuable material.

How to install floor laminate

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Install floor laminates, flooringThe first thing that you must remember while installing a floor laminate is that the laminate has to be strong in its pattern. You must know which part of the floor needs what kind of pattern and whether that pattern is strong enough to withhold the weight on the floor. The second thing that you have to do is get the exact measurement of the room and then calculate the number of planks that you would need.

While choosing the planks make sure they are thick enough to divide the weight and not fall apart together. That will be huge loss if something happens like that. When you first plant the plank on the floor, test it whether it is coming out or not. If it is coming out then get a professional who knows how to fit these things. Failing to notice this might get you into trouble later when you start using the floor.

Polishing mosaic flooring

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Tips to polish mosaic floor, flooringIf you have a mosaic floor, then keeping it clean might be a bit of a hassle. Choosing white mosaic floor definitely makes the rooms look better but they also get stained and dirty more easily. That is why you need to right way to clean and polish the floors regularly to make them shine and look as good as new. Vacuum cleaning the floor, once a week, is necessary. Also cleaning the floor with a mop dipped in vinegar, warm water and cleaning solution also is important. Do this twice a week.

For that smooth and diamond polished look, use polishing pads. These are available at all leadings stores, malls and even online stores. They are not that expensive and can be used extensively on all types of floors. They are useful and help the floors look cleaner in a shorter period of time. Also they are non-slip, non-smelly and efficient which makes them user friendly.

Discoloration on Hardwood Floors

Monday, February 28th, 2011

One should first know as to what causes the discoloration before we find out the cure for it. There are various reasons, which cause the discoloration such as: furniture’s of low height large is one of the major reasons, water spills from miscellaneous sources or the maintenance is improper with heavy use of water and chemicals. It may also occur due to excessive sunlight in a particular area or due to oil spills. Urine from dogs and cats can also be a vital reason or urine from the diapers.

All the water sources need an urgent correction, one should also check in that the room gets adequate sunlight in all the parts. If there is water spill on the wooden floor then wipe it off with a dry towel. If there is oil spill then rub it off with mild chemical, which will remove the stain easily. Harwood floors gets easily damaged due to furniture, once kept in a place it should not be changed frequently, as it damages the area.

Beautify Rooms and Protect Flooring with an Area Rug

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

The idea of keeping the house beautiful is a very old fact. People consider the house to be the safest and the best place to be in. Thus it is extremely important to ensure that the house stays as much beautiful as possible. There are several new ways in which one can make the rooms looks beautiful. This is where the area rugs come into picture. The area rugs enhance the beauty of the rooms as well as the floors in a huge way.

The area rugs would prove to a perfect addition to the beauty of any house. It is strongly advised to all users to ensure that they select the correct form of area rugs from the huge variety that is available in the current world market. The area rugs have gained a lot of popularity in almost all corners of the world. It is important for all users to give the product a try. The users can be assured that they would have their money worth.

Laminate Hardwood Floor Installation Maintenance

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

While a laminate hard wood floor looks good to the eye, it is important that you pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it lasts longer. Generally speaking, daily maintenance of laminate hard wood floor requires vacuuming, sweeping and dust mopping. You can either use the generic cleaning solutions available in market for cleaning laminate floors or buy a specially formulated laminate flooring cleaning solution.

These often come packaged in a cleaning kit with detailed instructions. If you buy such a kit, all you need to do is spray the cleaning agent on the mop head and wipe the floor clean with it. Make sure that you follow the maintenance schedule of your hard wood laminate floor so that it looks clean and as shiny as new for the coming years. In case your laminate hard wood floor needs to be fixed at places, you can buy touch-up kits available in the market.

How to Fit Your Own Laminate Flooring Step By Step

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

nullThe first thing that you do when you are fitting your own laminate flooring is to prepare the installation. This is done by bringing the flooring into the room where it will be installed. There adjustment is done in unopened boxes for about 24 hours. The second thing is the installation direction. The best way to do this is by installing flooring panels parallel to the light coming in through the windows.

When you install flooring over hardwood flooring you need to install the flooring at an angle of 90 degrees to the present hardwood flooring board. The third thing is planning your first row. This is done by measuring the width of your room and dividing by the width of the flooring panel, this way you are able to determine the number of rows. The next thing is planning your expansion gaps and finally you should plan the transition mouldings.