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Tips For Clearing Ice And Snow On Your Carport

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Snow removal from carportMany of the people love winter and most enjoyable part of winter for them is to look out of the window and see the first snowflakes falling on the ground. It’s really a fun thing to see the snow setting on the branches of the tree and piling up there. However you enjoy when they pile up on the tree but don’t enjoy when the same snow and ice start to pile up on your carport. If you are having a carport with vertical styled roof then you must be aware that this type of design let the snow slide down your carport before it starts accumulation there. Conversely, if you are having a carport with any other type of style other then vertical style then snow will not slide down automatically instead it will accumulate there. Hence it is better and advisable to clear the ice and snow before piles of them are collected and it gets strong foothold. Here are some of the suggestion which can help clear snow and ice off your carport’s roof.

  • Get your push broom out of storage

A push broom is a tool which helps to clear out the light snow which is fallen on your roof of your carport. It’s important that when you do this work you must have a friend or any family member around you as you are going to climb the ladder to reach the carport and clean it up. Before climbing you must wear shoes which gives proper grip and lot of traction and don’t forget that your ladder must be placed at such a place which is free of snow and ice. Take the broom and push the snow at one side of your carport roof. After you are done with collecting it on side, you can push the snow down on the ground.

  • Versatility of snow shovel

A snow shovel is used for breaking the big pieces of ice which are formed on your carport roof. First of all use one side of the shovel to hit against the ice to break it up into pieces. After that you can push all those pieces towards the ground. After that you should flip snow shovel over and catch up the loose snow on one edge of the roof or you can collect the snow on the edge of the shovel and throw it out of your carport roof on the ground. Here also it is advisable to have anyone around you while working and if you are not comfortable doing this work you may call the professional and get the work done.

  • Importance of clearing away the snow and ice

The reason why you need to clean your carports out of snow and ice is to keep it in a good condition. If this snow keeps on accumulating on the carport, then it can lay more strees on the carport and there is extra stress on its posts.

5 Ways To Protect Your House From Cold

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

protect House From ColdHarsh cold weather is tough on the body as well as for your home. You have to learn to deal with problems that every season brings along with it. Maintenance along with some tips is ideal for protecting your house from cold. Not only should the inside of the house rather the outside area of the house and the surroundings also be protected. There are many ways of protecting your house. Home inspection is also necessary in the initial phase so that you get to know how you have to protect the house.

• Inspection of the place – before the cold weather sets in you should inspect the fire place as well as chimney before using it so that it does not create a blast as you start it after a year. Heating it with fuel and wood is ideal but it should be at your disposal. The tank should be full if you use propane oil. For cracks you should check the exchanger of heat.

• Cleaning the drapes and blinds – the drapes and blinds should be cleaned and kept closed at times but not in the morning because that is the time when sunlight penetrates the room through window. For intense storms and blizzards you can install plastic sheets and also get the kit of window insulation. Air conditioners from the window should be removed. You should also check for any sort of hole outside near the window. Weather stripping should be replaced from time and again. On the sills of window, near the frames of window and against the door you should put draft snakes.

• Keeping vents clear – ventilation in the attic is ideal so that there is no blockage of ice drops on your roof. There should be no insulation blocking in the attic so proper ventilation is required. In fact with gutters too ice is blocked so stay away from it.

• Thermostat and water heaters to be in good condition –
the thermostat should be in continuous running state so that it works properly and spare batteries is also required. Warm water should be available through geysers but make sure to check your meter and clean it. If something is blocking to allow the water to enter smoothly then you should shut off the valve.

• Garage door is to be kept closed and so is the balcony balcony can be kept open in the morning as sunshine penetrates but other times if the garage is attached to the home then it is advisable to keep the door closed. Cold air will not enter your house.

Other ways by which you can steer away from cold is to get the snow cleared from the entrance of the door and also from the garden area. The water can get frozen in the holes, if there are any in the walls so it should be closed properly. The freezing pipes also get thawed in winter so you have to clear that off as well.

Making an ideal study space

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

study spaceThere are several arguments among the students and their parents regarding the actual place which is ideal for the students to study. Students make sure to convince their parents and teachers that they are too much comfortable to prepare their lessons even with the Mp 3 player on. But it is a must for them to have an ideal place to study so that they can come out with flying colors from their schools and colleges.

An ideal study space definitely is comfortable but this comfort should be limited. Armchairs and sofas should not be there in a study space, so that you grow a tendency to relax and study. This will finally lead to a distraction to the lesson being studied. Al the study tools that are necessary to successfully finish the lesson should be there within the reach of your hand so that you don’t need to jump from this end to that end of the house to collect them.
Water and other required snacks should be there to ensure a long run study process.

It is preferable to avoid keeping a bed in the study room, which can slowly take you there and enjoy a long sleep. The doors of a study table should not be sound proof as because too much noise is a hinder to a proper study process. Energizers like tea or coffee can be opted to keep the mind refreshed.

But many students do not find a suitable study space and thus they have a habit of blocking their ears with the fingers and study. This does not actually lead to productive study. Too much noise delays the preparation and moreover the lesson prepared is forgotten very easily. So a proper chair, table with all the required stationeries, enough amount of water and snacks accompanied with a switched off cell phone together makes a proper study space in your house.

Taking Proper Care Of A Glass Dining Table

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Glass Dining TableDining table is a very essential part of your dining room. Thus you have to give attention to its regular maintenance especially if the dining table is made out of glass. Glass dining tables look beautiful and make your dining room look bright and elegant. The glass table is generally composed of a material called fiber glass which is sturdy to a great extent. But that does not mean glass dining tables do not require proper maintenance. This article will list down certain ways in which you can take proper care of your glass dining table.

Whenever you are cleaning your glass table you must use a soft cloth or a sponge. Make use of a glass cleaner that is of a superior quality. Incase there are scratches on the table then a buffing wheel can be utilized to remove them from the glass dining table. Small marks on the glass table can be covered up using the transparent nail polish. If there are big marks on the table then you must take the assistance of professionals. You can get rid of the chips on the table by rubbing water and emery paper. You have to apply a little pressure and use circular movements while rubbing the chipped portion of the glass dining table. Cover the table with a beautifully designed table cloth if possible to protect the table top.

In order to make your glass dining table more impressive and artistic you can experiment with the base of the dining table. The legs of the table can resemble some shape or a decorated wooden base can be used or some design carved on the stone can be a good addition to your glass dining table. If the gorgeous base of the table can be seen from the top of the table then that would give a really mesmerizing look to your dining room.

Tips to clean gum from a bed sheet

Monday, May 27th, 2013

clean gum from a bed sheetA chewing gum can sometimes result into a pretty irritating substance. Sometimes these gums stick on your bed sheets. Removing them can be really tough if you do not the tricks to remove it quite easily. Here are some tips that will surely help you in cleaning all the bed sheets using these tips.

  • You can use ice to remove gum from your bed sheets. At first you will be required to freeze the gum using ice. As ice will help you in freezing the gum you can easily remove the gum and clean your bed sheet.
  • Vinegar also works well in removing the gum easily. You can apply vinegar and it will make the gum leave the bed sheet. As the gum leaves the sheet you can wash it regularly to get a fresh sheet.
  • Peanut butter is another substance that helps in removing the gum from the sheet. All you need is to apply some butter on the gum which will melt and later you can wash it.

So next time if your bed sheet has a gum on it you can use these tips to get a freshly washed sheet.

How to reduce your electricity bill

Friday, April 19th, 2013

electricity billMany times we find that our electricity bills have risen steeply. At such moment you can’t find out the reason behind such a huge electricity bill. But you can actually lower your electricity bill if you take care of few points and maintain them carefully.

Don’t keep the electrical equipments that are not in use, switched on unnecessarily for a long period of time. Many times we keep the power switch of the television switched on even when we are not in home. You also forget to switch off the power after you have taken your cell phone off the charger. These small things accumulate to raise your electricity bills.

Other than these, while buying some electrical equipment; make sure that you buy the one which has the least power consumption and the highest efficiency. Now days all the equipments come with specified star rating. The star rating denotes the power consumption capacity depending on the time of usage.

DIY roof repair tips

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

The roof is probably one of the most neglected parts of the house. The simple reason why we do not think about the roof is because most often it is out of our sight. It is only when we notice patches of water on the ceiling or experience similar problems that we realize that the ceiling has been neglected for too long and demands your immediate attention.

Roof repair is a highly complex task and seldom can be done alone. However if the problem is a simple crack on the roof that can be easily spotted then the problem can easily be taken care of without the help of professionals. All you need to do is get hold of the right materials and a few tools that will help you take care of the crack and make sure that the wet patch on your ceiling doesn’t appear every time it rains.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Tips to remove bed bugs, home care tipsThe bed bugs can become a menace for your home if proper car is not taken to prevent these bugs. They creep in to the home and cause immense damage to the furniture where they breed quickly. If prevention is not taken in time, then the bed bugs will soon become an out of control nuisance. They can even such your blood while you are sleeping on the bed.
Before you start treating against the bed bugs, you must see whether it is a bed bug or something else. So it is very important to find out the source of the bed bugs. You can identify the presence of the bed bugs, by seeing their droppings, red blotches on your body, etc.

There are many ways in which you can get rid of these bugs, there are many products available in the market that repel the bed bugs. There are many herbs and plant extract which you can place in your home and get rid of these bugs.
Using exterminator in your furniture is also a worldwide accepted way but it is somewhat expensive and so people normally avoid using it.

Try to keep your room clean and free from clutter. Keeping house clean can reduce the chances of the bugs creeping in to your home.

Closet design options for a modern house

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Closet design tips, home careAlmost everyone is concerned about the design and size of the closet because no amount of closet space seems to be enough. However, if you design your closet in the right way then the chances of being crammed for space reduces manifold. Designing your closet in keeping with the décor of your modern home is a good idea.

If you have a modern, wide bedroom, you should opt for a walk-in closet. A walk-in closet gives you the chance to organize all your stuffs in a proper way. You can keep your shoes on the lower shelve and bags on the upper shelve. With walk-in closets, space is not a problem at all. It will be great if you design an island in your walk-in closet. The island can be used to keep smaller pieces of clothing and accessories. If you have a small bedroom, you can opt for a closet carousel. To save space, having a closet with sliding doors is a good idea.

Simple tips to keep indoor air purified

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Purchase air purifier, tips to maintain indoor atmosphereAre you tired of having a filthy and suffocating atmosphere in your home? Well then you need air purifiers in your home to keep your home air fresh and germ free. If you want to purchase air purifier then you should know that a variety of air cleaners are available in the market and among them the mechanical filter cleaners are those that capture the dirt particles in their filter.

In other air cleaners you will get carbon layer that absorbs all the dirt granules present in air. If you want to know about electronic air cleaners then you should be aware of the fact that they are expensive than the rest and the ion charges help them snatch the dirt from air.
Air purifiers have a number of benefits. If you keep them in your room they can help you prevent different airborne diseases. According to EPA they decrease polluted gases from rooms.