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Tips to install carpet on your stairs

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Installing carpet in the stairs is a tough job but when it is done is looks out of this world. Carpeting the stairs needs a lot of knowledge and the right tools which will help you in doing the work easily without hurting yourself. You should also have the necessary materials that should be of good quality and durable in nature. The materials needed in carpeting your stairs are carpet runner, tack-less carpet fastening strips, paper, heavy rubber or felt stair carpet padding and heavy-duty staples.

A large number of tools need to be arranged if you are planning to do this yourself without taking the help of a professional. Some of the tools which will be needed are pliers, scrap wood 3/4-inch-thick, pencil or chalk to mark, vacuum cleaner, small handsaw, ruler or measuring tape, heavy scissors, hammer, broad-bladed chisel or a stair wedging tool, sharp heavy-duty blades along with a utility knife and last but not the least knee kicker.


Captivating children room in attractive hues-

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Children room should be a place of immense creativity and free flowing ideas. The only reason behind this is to inspire the kid, give him the taste of freedom and develop his mind to certain disciplines. The room should be such, that they could play, learn, sleep and spend quality time with friends in it.

While decorating the room it should be kept in mind to make sure there is an aesthetic sense reflected on the work and the ambience required for growing children is present too. The basic wall color shouldn’t be too bright and too dull. The creative painting can certainly be a choice in present times. The presence of study table and shelves, made at proper alignments are of great importance. Above all there should be sufficient space in the room. The right choice of wall paint, furniture, room décor and posters will ignite the child’s imagination and help in developing the personality.

Using recycled truck tire mats-

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

With the growing demand for conservation of natural resources and banishing all things non bio-degradable, things like recycled truck tire mattresses are becoming popular in the market. The other reasons behind the huge market demand of these are because of its longevity and cheap price.

The irreparably damaged truck or other heavy vehicle tires are recycled to produce commodities such as mats. The main reason behind recycling tires is the huge volume in which it is produced and its durability. The by-products or rather, the mats are hence, by nature very resistive and strong. Using such a mat, though not very fancy or elegant will prove you to be environment conscious and sporty spirited. The fact that social awareness is to be promoted and that eco-friendly product, given more importance than any other products still need to be instilled in people’s mind. The usage of recycled tires is merely a matter of habit.

CENT– A- METER for saving electricity-

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The avid usage of electricity has increased so much in the present decade that apart from the high electricity bill that are being paid, our concern has been bestowed upon conserving electricity which is depleting our natural resources. To bring down the bill and save resources, one can start by turning off electrical appliances when not in use. The second would thus be, to minimize the rate of consumption of electrical appliances which cannot be avoided. Instead of a fan, open windows with cool breeze could be a better option.

There are certain brands bringing in products which would consume lesser electricity and it’s preferable to use such products. With all the money spent behind the electricity bill, it is better to use solar power and appliances which run on solar energy. This really helps to save the high rates of electricity bill and at the same time conserve energy.

Getting beautiful showcase designs-

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Showcases, with or without the display items on it can be of help in case of room beautification. There are several furnishing companies, coming up with brand new models of showcases and shelves, which can be placed anywhere starting from drawing room to the kitchen. The kinds generally vary from wooden to glass and sometimes even fancy plywood. The showcases which are sometimes stands and sometimes wall fixed come in a wide range of style, color, shape and price.

Getting beautiful showcase designs can be done through an artist impression, which is custom made according to ones own choice and through these branded companies of international repute in modeling of showcases. Selecting the required model by making sure that it fits the place in true sense of beauty and reasonability; one can get a replica of it done by a local craftsman or give an order of it. The unique designs however, are something to be noted in these works of fine artistry.

Fashionable flower pots for beautiful interiors-

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Flower pots, which are usually simple, light weight and easy to maintain, could add a charm to the interiors of a house. Because it occupies very little place and still beautifies the surrounding, it has started becoming very popular as a decorative item.

Some craftsmen, some designers and some interior furnishing brands are taking to the flower pots more seriously. Even the traditional pottery vase can transform the outlook of a room. The pots which need not necessarily hold flowers but also shrubs and bonsais are easily available in the market, comparatively at a cheaper price than any other home décor items. Flower pots can be placed at any nook and corner of the house, be it at the end of the flight of stairs or the balcony or the drawing room. But choosing the right flower pot with right ingredient for the right place is important when decorating a house.

Tips to make your wedding table fashionable-

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Wedding being a very special event, particularly because it happens once in a lifetime, require all the attention to make it more perfect. Apart from the general decoration or the overall beautification of the place, it is essential to make the wedding table more fashionable but in softer, paler pastel shades. This alone can change the judgment of the people on the wedding.

To make a wedding table fashionable, it is better to use tissue, satin or silk table clothes in embroidery. A type of silver tissue cover for the culinary items gives a very elegant and sophisticated look to the table. Styling could be done by decorating the table with lots of flower stands and candle stands. An open umbrella canopy for the tables placed outside gives a very sporty look to the tables. A centre table bowl stand along with tissue décor completes the look of the table.

Great tips for decorating dining table

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

An elegantly decorated dining table showcases not only taste but also class. Dining table clothes in cotton, silk, satin, or jute which is available in several designs and patterns can be the initial step to decorate as well as protect the dining table from any damage.

Sometimes, table skirting could be done and this gives a very dramatic appeal to the dinning table. The next step could be the table mats which act as an essential décor piece. When the basics are done, items like fruit basket, which not only has a utility but also acts as a decorative item, increases the beauty of the table. A water jug, preferably in clear-glass can be placed in the centre of the table along with clean glasses. A small cookie jar or chocolate bowl placed in the table always signifies classic taste. Not just table décor but maintaining the decoration is far more important.

Worried About How to Decorate Small Room! Here is Solution for it

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

The job of decorating a small room is tough if compared to decoration of big room. If you are tired of making your small room look better then here is provided a few solutions for it. Firstly, you should replace huge sized furniture items with compact ones. For instance, if you are using a huge computer table then try to replace it with compact one. Hanging LCD TV on wall is other way to utilize the limited space in room for other better things. Different types of stands for hanging TV on walls are available in the market and you can buy them at cheap prices.

Other way to make your small room appear bigger is placing mirror in the room. If possible, you can install windows in the room to make it larger. Adding proper lightening in the room is also important. The choice of lights should be done carefully depending on your choice and décor of room.

Giving Country Side Look to Home

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

As more and more people move to the cities, there is a yearning for a return to the traditional look of country homes. Whether this look is within a single room or the overhauling the entire exterior of the home, there are many possibilities to add a homely country feel wherever you are. In the deep South of the US, there are many old plantation houses that many people still look to for inspiration for creating the look of their new homes. There are many properties for sale in the southern states, but if you cannot afford to buy one, you could still take the chance to look around and see the design features that make them so beautiful and appealing centuries after they were built.

The trend of giving country side look to homes is quite popular. If you are also planning to do the same then various options can be availed for it. Firstly, you should paint your home with natural colors like red, orange, green and a few more. Generally, the choice of color varies from one individual to other and you should it on your own. Other thing that should be done is placing rugs in different parts of your home. Baskets make an important part of countryside look and you should not forget them at any cost.

Other thing that should be considered when trying to give countryside look is curtains. You should use curtains that are homespun to give perfect look. The cutlery should be placed in open shelves that can be made of wrought iron or any other similar material. All these things together would give an eclectic look to your home.