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Wood look alike ceramic tiles

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Ceramic tiles, tiles for home decorYou would definitely want your house to look different from the others and that is why it is important that you give special attention to the floors. Since there are various flooring options in the market you may get confused as to which one you should pick. Well the best one that will suit your room is the wood look alike ceramic tiles. You must have heard about the normal ceramic tiles. These are rather new in the market and those who have already used have high regards for this kind of tiles.

They are harder and more durable than the normal ceramic tiles and the best part is they are has a great capacity to resist heat. Since there are various designs and patterns in the market you will not have a problem in choosing the best one for your house. It will not cost your pocket much too.

Things to know about blackout blinds

Friday, September 21st, 2012

blackout blinds, blindsBlack out blinds is hugely popular these days. With most organizations going global and employees working in shifts that require them to stay awake at nights, sleeping during the day is a huge problem. One of the biggest reasons why sleeping during the day is a problem is because, our body cannot calm down and sleep in the broad daylight that filters in through our windows. This is where a blackout blind comes handy. Here are a few things that are worth knowing about them:

• Blackout blinds can completely block the sunlight out of your room and give you the desired darkness one needs for a good sleep.

• Blackout blinds are also very good at cutting out noise that comes in from the streets and factories nearby.

• Blackout blinds cat as great insulators and can block the heat in during the winter and block the heat out during summer.

Tiles vs. paint for your walls

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Tiles for homes, home decorWhether to go for tiles or paint for your walls depends a lot on where the walls are situated! For examples tiles are probably a good solution for the walls of your bathroom since they are constantly exposed to water and moisture throughout the day. Tiles are more resistant towards water than paints are and they can also be scrubbed clean from time to time unlike paints.

Tiles can also be a good option for the walls of your kitchen as they too are exposed to excessive heat and oil and need to be cleaned once in a while. Paints however work best for all your other rooms from your living room to your bedroom as it is paints that can compliment and add on to the décor of the room and can be changed whenever you feel like.

Unlike your painted walls that can be re-painted any time and fast, re-tiling your tiled walls can be a headache and will require much time and money.

Gridwall display panels for your home

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Gridwall display panels, home decorIf you have a lot of empty space around on a wall in your home, then you should use gridwall display panels to bring out its beauty. These are very authentic and majestic decorative items for your home which can even give a neat look to your home altogether. You can make it a useful project around the house and also it can save space and add a touch of class to a room. The best use of these is that they can be used for arranging your clothes.

You can even put up hooks and hang belts, bags, baskets and hats as well to give it a groovy look. Sliding panel gridwall display panels are also good. If you have an inbuilt wall space, you can have two sliding panels at a time. Now if you want to design the whole display panel in a vintage style you need to paint the walls in complimentary colors to bring out the essence of the panel.

Wickless candles as décor accessories

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Decorate home with candle, home decor accessoriesPlanning to decorate your house with wickless candles? Well it is a great option as candles add to that romantic touch to the entire room. Wickless candles are easier to use and thus can be used in areas where you can’t even think of. Besides the wickless candle products are said to have a nice aroma which will surely enhance the mood of the room.

It is said that the wickless candles appeal more aesthetically that the framed ones. The framed candles may lead to fire accidents or dripping wax injuries. There is not much danger in using the wickless candles. The candles are also very hassle free as due to the absence of the real wax the place does not get messy. You can transform the outside living space into a beautiful garden with the help of the candles. You can use the candles in bathrooms, kitchen, kid’s room, bedroom, dining room everywhere. Besides this candles will continue to give you light even when the weather is breezy as there is no fear of it getting extinguished. The framed candles will end sometime or the other but that is not the case with the wickless ones.

Wall art for that medieval touch

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Wall art ideas, wall decor tipsThere are a lot of different ways of decorating your house. One of the best ways of doing up your house is by applying wall art. The conventional painted walls are good but they are done to death and can be boring at times. On the other hand, different wall arts with many kinds of artistic designs can bring a very interesting appeal to the walls of your house.

You can bring a certain mysticism to your house by getting a medieval feel to your house. You can get this from wallpapers of even hangings. When you are considering wallpapers you will have a lot of options. You can cerate a stonewall image on the walls with an illusion of a dark cave through the walls. You can have iron candle bearer on your wall that will give you the perfect look of a dining room of a medieval king.

Top 5 must have home accessories for your contemporary home

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Home decor accessories, home decorAs the summers are rounding up why not take a pick on the new decor pieces that comes wallet friendly as well as add quite some elegance to your home. It also reflects warmth and an added cosy flavour to the home decor. So here follows few tips that you van think upon for a shopping spree.

Start off with some cosy candle purchase. They are available both in style and aroma; they best suits when matched with different sizes. The aroma choices available are chocolate and vanilla; they could be quite unresistable as decor impression. The pillows can be an added decor piece too, when you can have some extra purchases with retro and contemporary looks, you can fit them at any place you feel for added comfort in living or bedroom or may be for the patio. With guests, there need for food servings, and so getting you dining table some new add one are quite desired along with extra cooking stuffs. Rugs and doormats need a face lift too with the theme decor. Curtains and furnishings can have a change in outlook.

Versatile bamboo sheets for your home

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Versatile bamboo sheets, home decor tipsImprove and enhance the beauty and fragrance of your sweet home with the use of versatile bamboo sheets.  The reason to elect bamboo sheets for your home is never ending and impressive. The versatility offered is incomparable to the other products used. The quality is star- class. Temperatures have least effect hence unwanted seasonal variations can be easily missed. Simply put the adaptability power of bamboo sheets act as a boon. It also has unrecognizable weight carrying capacity.

As far as looks are concerned, it installs and instils a eloquent and sophisticated face. The modern melting world screams for the eco-friendly, antibacterial and organic bamboo sheets loudly. Being hypoallergenic makes it a healthy choice while being absorbent bestows a smile for those who sweat a lot.


Things to look for in your copper vessel sink

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Buy a copper vessel sink, copper vessel sinkIf you are making your new home and thinking to buy a copper vessel sink to add that extra beauty to your kitchen or bathroom then there things you need to consider before buying one. There are many different types of copper sink available in the market. Among those you will need to find the best one for your kitchen. The quality of the sink depends on many things for example the type of copper used and also the method used for making the copper sink.
he first decision you need to make is whether to buy a hand hammered sink or a factory manufactured one. The handmade ones are considered to be more durable. The second is the purity of the copper used in the sink. Then the thickness of the copper should be considered. A good thick copper will make the sink last for a longer period of time. These are the things that matter in the quality of the sink which you should buy.

Add an artistic touch to your home with stained glass windows

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

stained glass windows,Home DecorStained glass windows carry a certain sophistication and intricacy that has been used for ages and never lost its beauty or popularity. This is an amazing way of creating a soothing environment in your home or office, by reflecting the perfect amount of light to enter the room. Earlier the stained glass windows were used in holy places like churches and cathedrals. But today this ageless form of art has become one of the most attractive piece of art in the contemporary home décor.

Get your favorite painting or patterns embossed on the stained glass and add a piece of your own art to your home. There are many types of stained glasses available according to budget of the buyer such as streaked, wispy, opalescent, translucent, textured or cathedral. Now you can bring the intriguing glass art of the cathedrals you love visiting into your home and define the artistic touch in your choice.