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How to clean your walls with items from the kitchen rack

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Wall cleaning tips, wall careThe walls of your house become dirty very frequently since it is general tendency of the people to stand leaning on the walls or to take support of the walls with your hands. This makes the wall dirty and also hampers the beauty of the house to a large extent. This can even worse if the color of the wall is very light. Well you can avoid this embarrassing situation to some extent by cleaning the walls with certain items from your kitchen rack.

You can prepare a solution with little vinegar and water and apply it on the stains gently and rub it with a soft cloth. But before applying this solution make sure if the color has any restriction regarding chemicals otherwise the color will smudge completely making the situation even more badly. If the stain is a very deep one, left it with the solution for some time to dilute the stain and then clean it with a cloth.

Photography Prints for Wall Decor

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Wall décor can be done in many different ways and in most cases the simpler it is the better. The photography prints that are used as a part of the wall decor come in different sizes, shapes and prints. The type of print that is used in the home depends on the overall out come the owner is gunning for.

If for example the theme of the home is form a certain era the then prints form that era will dominate. If on the other hand they are of a certain celebrity then these are the ones that will dominate. The prints could be in Technicolor or they could be in black and white depending on the needs of the client.

For a theme like this to be effective it would be advisable to go for the smaller sizes that fit together. This is in the form of a jigsaw puzzle as opposed to one large portrait. Imagine your special photographs will be a great talking point at dinner parties or for a nostalgic reminder of happy, begone days whilst catching up with an old friend on the telephone. It is certainly a very eye-catching look to the wall and these days when huge plasma and LCD TVs abound in modern homes this may be just the thing to make your wall special. Photography prints for wall decor are truly a unique and interesting idea for the home.

Unique Wall Paneling Treatments For The home

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Wall paneling is important as it adds a sense of high end style to a room. There are many different wall paneling treatments that you can have in your home. One of the most common of these treatments is textured wall paper. This is a great alternative for wooden paneling. Textured wall paper normally looks like real wood panels thus giving your room the same beautiful effect as would a wooden panel.

Another common but unique type of wall paper paneling treatment is bamboo. Bamboo is popular because it is long lasting and you can get it in many sizes. Bamboo panels are also quite versatile as you can also use them for the floor and ceiling. Faux painting can also ad some unique sense of style to your house if used as wall panel treatment. This treatment is quite affordable. You can use it to mimic wood panels with incredible effect.

Making A Flower Wall Paper Border

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Flower wall papers are very effectual in making a room look lively and stylish at the same time. You can use wall paper borders to enhance the beauty of your room if you do not want to paint it. Below are some tips to help you make a flower wall paper border that will leave your room more beautiful than it is now.

Cut the flower wall papers to the correct lengths. The type and design of wall papers that you will use for your wall borders should not clash with the color painted on the walls. If you want to achieve a soft effect in the room, your wall paper border should have flowers that have cool colors such as blue, lilac and white. The walls can have a light blue or light brown color. If you want to achieve a bold effect, then the colors of your wall paper borders should also be bold, with brightly colored flowers.

Finishing your Basement Walls

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Finishing your basement walls involves a lot of consideration. One needs to consider how he/she will complete the task. A professional can be hired making the work simpler or one may decide to go it alone. Whatever way is chosen, several steps must be followed.

They include clearing out the entire basement to facilitate a proper working area. Ensure that the walls or floors are waterproof. It aid in averting water sippage into the basement. Floor installation should be undertaken immediately. One can lay a good carpet or paint the floor. Use appropriate material like concrete and polystyrene sheets to construct the floors. Install the ceiling, making sure it’s a considerable height above the floor. Professionals should be hired to undertake plumbing and electrical services. Put up convenient lighting to ensure the basement is well illuminated.

Finally the walls can be paint with right colours to meet one’s specifications and needs.