Ceiling Fans

In the United States in 1860s and1870s, the first ceiling fans appear in the electrical history. It is an electrical gadget, which rotates with the help of wings to circulate the air above, which in turns refreshes us.

In the olden days, the fans used to run with the turbine water after the 18th century they have been electrified. Philip Diehl was the first man to electrify the fan. Ceiling fans are useful in sense that it couples the air with the air conditioners. In the summer, it helps us by cooling us and sends the air down. The ceiling fan should be properly installed with the room so that it can prove its efficiency. There is a conception that a ceiling fan pulls down air during the summer and the vice versa during the winter. This conception gets reversed if the fan is mounted very high especially in rooms with high ceiling or between stairs.

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