Discoloration on Hardwood Floors

One should first know as to what causes the discoloration before we find out the cure for it. There are various reasons, which cause the discoloration such as: furniture’s of low height large is one of the major reasons, water spills from miscellaneous sources or the maintenance is improper with heavy use of water and chemicals. It may also occur due to excessive sunlight in a particular area or due to oil spills. Urine from dogs and cats can also be a vital reason or urine from the diapers.

All the water sources need an urgent correction, one should also check in that the room gets adequate sunlight in all the parts. If there is water spill on the wooden floor then wipe it off with a dry towel. If there is oil spill then rub it off with mild chemical, which will remove the stain easily. Harwood floors gets easily damaged due to furniture, once kept in a place it should not be changed frequently, as it damages the area.

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