Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Camp Showers

nullOutdoor camp showers are really important while you are on an outing alone or with family. There are ready-made outdoor camp showers available in the market but you can also make it yourself. There are generally two types of choices in outdoor camp shower, cold water or warm water shower.


A rope, rubber medical tube-10 feet, knife, tough rubber bands and pimp spray bottle – 1-gallon capacity are some of the material required for making outdoor-shower. Firstly, cut off the hose connected to the both ends of the bottle and replace it with the rubber medical tube. Seal it with the tough rubber bands or duct tape. Now use the pump of the spray nozzle and fill water into the bottle. Now it is ready for use. In case you want warm water, then heat it up by placing it in the sun. Hence it is no big deal in making your own outdoor camp shower.

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