How to clean your walls with items from the kitchen rack

Wall cleaning tips, wall careThe walls of your house become dirty very frequently since it is general tendency of the people to stand leaning on the walls or to take support of the walls with your hands. This makes the wall dirty and also hampers the beauty of the house to a large extent. This can even worse if the color of the wall is very light. Well you can avoid this embarrassing situation to some extent by cleaning the walls with certain items from your kitchen rack.

You can prepare a solution with little vinegar and water and apply it on the stains gently and rub it with a soft cloth. But before applying this solution make sure if the color has any restriction regarding chemicals otherwise the color will smudge completely making the situation even more badly. If the stain is a very deep one, left it with the solution for some time to dilute the stain and then clean it with a cloth.

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