How to Fit Your Own Laminate Flooring Step By Step

nullThe first thing that you do when you are fitting your own laminate flooring is to prepare the installation. This is done by bringing the flooring into the room where it will be installed. There adjustment is done in unopened boxes for about 24 hours. The second thing is the installation direction. The best way to do this is by installing flooring panels parallel to the light coming in through the windows.

When you install flooring over hardwood flooring you need to install the flooring at an angle of 90 degrees to the present hardwood flooring board. The third thing is planning your first row. This is done by measuring the width of your room and dividing by the width of the flooring panel, this way you are able to determine the number of rows. The next thing is planning your expansion gaps and finally you should plan the transition mouldings.

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