Landscaping with stones

stone landscaping, home decorIf you are planning to decorate your home’s surroundings with stone, you can have a thousand options these days. You can go for a themed look as well for your landscaping project. Depending upon the kind of environment you have and the look you want, start planning. You can go for an oriental look and create a nice cozy corner in your front lawn or garden. A small wrought iron bench near a mini pond is one of the most popular oriental stone themed landscaping ideas. You can make your pond and surround it flowering shrubs and creepers and large stones and small pebbles for that shabby but cozy look.

Many people also go for desert landscaping. Elements like sand, cacti and stones, mostly red stones, are sued in such projects. For a more contemporary look, you can place stone tiles in your backyard for that look. A small umbrella shed, wooden picnic furniture and perhaps and outdoor fireplace would be great to finish up the look.

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