Make a customized hut

Huts have stayed from early men times. Now, with advent of mud architecture, you can have customized huts.

You may have them built in compressed mud or better still, mud mixed with concrete. Have proper partitions to announce different spaces like kids’ room or kitchen. Bulkheads will account for overhangs. You may adopt the styles found in pagodas with tapestries hanging from the ceiling.

For your dorm rooms, ventilation is properly required and go for a couple. Infiltration ventilator suits huts quite well. Try using heaters to a minimum degree. Have them roofed with thatch and never asbestos. Even if you lace it with concrete floors and wallpaper hangings, ensure that some hut ethnicity remains.

You can go for rare paints to improve the look. Appropriate use of canopies and fabrics is required. You may adorn the walls in traditional paintings. These also come with customized fire place and specialized bars.

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