Top 7 Tips On Home Renovation

July 21st, 2014

Home RenovationSlumping market of the real estate has put the buyers on hold to buy for a new house and this way the cost of shifting from one home to another is cut down and also time for bringing new changes in the house is welcomed by sundry. Home sweet home as it is called is your abode. So to make things comfortable at home improvements on the furniture front and remodelling is enhanced. The renovation adds value to your house. Ways by which you can renovate your home are as follows:

• Having a clear vision and sticking to it – the work of renovation should not start from an undecided plan. Proper planning needs to be done beforehand. Otherwise with too much at bay the process of renovating costs more and is lengthy as well as tedious. Not adding much to the vision is ideal as too many additions make it chaos.

• Proper research before the start of renovation – research about the appliances, the furniture, the price of the product and new technologies should be done in advance so that you do not end up buying anything which is not durable for your house. By personally checking out the prices of the readymade furniture and then comparing it with the price of the furniture that has to be built by professionals makes the task easy.

• Renovating or remodelling without overdoing it – if a particular part or an area of the house requires renovation be sure to renovate that part in the beginning and then laying your eyes on other parts which do not need urgent renovation or remodelling. Also, if you keep on renovating a particular area over and over again it will not be lucrative at all rather it turns out to be wastage of time.

• Improvement rather than luxurious spending – renovation is about improvement and not changing the part altogether with luxurious remodelling. If a part of the room in your den appears to be shabby in comparison to others then renovate that part initially.

• Renovating it with paint- if you are not in a mood to renovate or is in lack of resources but still you want to renovate then it is advisable to go for a new look which is always welcome in the form of paint. As it is with colours that the rooms appear lifelike.

• Replacing the old appliances with energy efficient appliances – the replacement is a form of renovation as with it the energy consumption is less and also newer forms of technology fills up your house even for energy efficient windows.

• Addition of something new – the sun deck, backyard deck, an attic, extra store room or a small corner can be carved in your house with little bit of renovation. In this way you are remodelling as well as renovating your house. Additions of new handles on the doors, ventilation in the bathroom is a necessity which should be checked on time. New benches in the garden area, new lights certainly do not cost a hole in your pocket.

How To Adjust Door Closer

May 1st, 2014

Adjust Door CloserA door closer automatically closes the door as many times it is opened. The door closer holds a hydraulic based mechanism. The closers must be adjusted in such a way that it closes the door more rapidly and slowly and also can be used to hold the door for a little moment before the closing process begins. They help to avoid damage to walls by taking the place of a door stop and also can be adjusted to construct the door latch more tightly and steadily.

• Adjusting your door closer – Carry a step ladder so that you can reach the door closer quite easily from second to third topmost step in order to adjust the door closer. Ascend the ladder and thoroughly inspect the closer. In case you can’t see the alteration screws then it is quite sure that the closer has a cover. The cover can be of plastic or it might be of a metal. If you cannot see the fastener embracing the cover on it means that the cover is detained on by pressure. In case you see the fastener you can normally release them up instead of removing them as the cover and fastener will slip off.

• If you see that there is no oil in the cover or the oil is leaking from the closer body ask for professional help. You may require a new door closer. In case you found no leakage is there you can proceed further.

• Now you can look on at the adjustment screws as you have the covers off. If you are fortunate then there will be a drawing inside the cover or they will be marked on the closer body. You may have to make a little research to see which is what if you are not lucky enough. Always keep in mind that when it comes to turn the door closer alteration screws, a slight one goes a long method. Begin with 1/8 of the turn. Rotate the alteration screws clockwise to slow down the door closer and counter clockwise to pace it up. Descend the ladder and scrutinize the effect.

Now unlock the door and observe it while closing. If the door does not close in the first attempt then do it for 10 times. If the door closes properly every time then it is done.

Types of wooden flooring

February 12th, 2014

wooden flooringWooden flooring can be categorized into several ways such as the material of the wood, the form of the material used and also the process in which the wooden floor is laid out. Flooring options in a house can be decided by the level of use and also the time for which the floor will be used. Given below are the types of wooden floors according to the categories in which they are divided:

• According to type of material- classification of wooden floors can be done as per the material. Oak, walnut and maple are the most popular amongst the wooden floors. They are known for their hardness and can be used for a long time. Some of the other woods which are also used for flooring purposes are teak and some other exotic types. They are well known for their design and finish. Pine wood is also another material which is used to make wooden floors but they are basically softwood.

• According to form of material- in this category there are three types of wooden floors such as engineered, acrylic-impregnated and solid wood. Solid wood is the one which is common in many houses. It is a full piece of solid timber which is laid out to make the floor. Engineered flooring on the other hand is made by thin layers of hardwood. It is laid in a crisscross manner which is perfect for more weight and force. Flooring for the basement can be a good idea if it is done through engineered flooring. Acrylic-impregnated flooring involves the usage of both solid timber and acrylic to make the floor more durable and withstand heavy traffic.

• According to which the floor is laid out- one type of flooring involves the wood to be laid out in strips and the width of the strips may vary from 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches. Another type would be in which the planks are used. They are almost similar to the wooden strips but the wooden strips are generally wider than the planks. Parquet flooring is another type of flooring in this category where small pieces of wood are kept in alternate directions forming attractive geometric patterns.

• According to installation procedure- wooden floors are often installed with sub floors beneath it. They are normally fixed with the help of nails, glue or staples. Another process in which floors are installed is known as floating wood floor. Here instead of a sub floor foam is used to keep all the pieces together.

Chandelier: Lighting Fixture for Living Room

January 2nd, 2014

Chandelier Lighting FixtureLighting in our living rooms is a very important thing. Since this is the room where all your guests are welcomed it should be the most well maintained and well decorated room. Decorations not only in the form of antiques, furniture or other accessories should be looked into but lighting too as this defines a lot of thing about the living room. There are a lot of things which lights define some of them being depth and space which is actually what the combination of different lights and different combinations of them would cause. The ambience and character of the rooms is also defined by light. A calming pleasant effect, a shimmering glow, a soft wave of light washing through the room, anything and everything about the lights can be portrayed by putting in a little imagination. The correct illumination would create a romantic effect (in a strictly poetic way) and create shadows too which may add to the room aesthetic decorations and the house a look which is appreciated by everyone.

Now for fulfilling every of this purpose what light to use is a basic question by everyone. Chandeliers would be a correct answer. They are available at every light store at every online website which sells electronics in every shape, size, colour and form. This wide availability and wide variety to choose from, one for every kind of mood and every kind of atmosphere you want to create makes it a hit among people and the demand for it is quite a lot. Chandeliers are not only used in houses but in hotels, libraries, halls for exhibitions, offices and many other places too. While picking your buy always keep in mind the price, the size and the purpose and mood you want to create in your living room to make it worth the money spent.

Taking care of your fireplace

December 29th, 2013

Taking care of your fireplaceA well lit fire in your fireplace can make your living room look beautiful, not even mentioning how helpful it is to save you from the cold. But to have a safe fire, maintaining the fireplace as well as the chimney is extremely important.

You must have your chimney checked and cleaned by a professional at least once a year. If you keep the fire on with wood, it might be advisable to check the chimney even more frequently. A chimney fire can destroy an entire house, hence maintaining and cleaning it is extremely important. The best time to get your chimney checked is before the burning season every year. If a chimney fire does take place, make sure everyone gets out of the house and immediately call the fire department.

Chimney fires are mostly caused by creosote. Creosote deposits are formed from flammable, unburned tar vapours which come out of wood smoke. Slow, long burns or using wet or green wood can form such dangerous creosote deposits.

A good fire needs not only a functional appliance, but a good fuel too. Use seasonal firewood (wood that has been kept covered for most part of the year) for the best results. Season the wood that you will be using to raise the fire under cover, but make sure it gets proper airflow.

Green wood or unseasoned wood has very high moisture content and hence does not burn well; Hardwoods such as oak burn better than softwoods. Hardwoods will give you better performance and a longer burn time.

Newspapers are great to light a fire, but they can never be a replacement to firewood. Use the amount required to start the fire and then recycle the rest.

A fireplace is there to provide comfort and warmth. Having knowledge on how to take care of your fire place gives you these desired effects instead of smoke, house fires, bad odours. At the end of the day it is all part of taking care of your house.

Taking Appropriate Care Of Wood Flooring

November 25th, 2013

Wood FlooringWood floors have long durability. However, if you connive at the regular care of wood flooring, it will be destroyed. Your floor will glow in case you pay attention to wood flooring.

Different Tips to Take Care of Wood Flooring

There are different shortcut ways to maintain wood floors. Dirt and stains must be cleared to make the wooden floors durable. Therefore, install the door mats or area rugs on the floors. Dirt reduces the luster of the floors which are made of wood. Water splashes deteriorate the wooden platforms. Don’t pour water on the wooden floors for cleaning. During rainy seasons, water can enter into the room. Wood floors are exposed to moisture. For this reason, cover the whole floor with a carpet or any plastic sheet. Though rust doesn’t attack the wood floor, insects ruin the wooden floors. Therefore, you must take extra preventive measures. Mildew, critters, carpenter ants and bees perforate the wooden platforms. That’s why, apply the powerful insecticides to terminate the insects/critters from the wooden floors.

Many irresponsible home owners move their large furniture pieces by dragging on the floor. The outer surface of the wood floor is scratched and dented. It is better to lift the heavy home décor devices when you need to install new home appliances. Finally, sunlight generates energy to activate the life. However, UV rays burn the inflammable products. Install the large curtains/lengthy blinds to prevent the entry of ultra violet rays to discolor the wooden floors. When you clean the wooden floors, you must use brooms or vacuum cleaners to remove dust. To wipe out the old stains or patches of mud from the floor, use the soft clothes. Don’t take a brush with sharp bristles to rub the floor. The wooden floors must be polished. If you are not aware of the wood floor coloring, hire professional floor designers. Wood is a valuable material.

Tips on custom made windows

November 14th, 2013

custom made windowsCustom made windows are in vogue these days. No matter what you cannot choose to ignore their significance in any way. Window treatments have always been an important part of home decoration as well as home renovation processes. With these customs made ones you can ensure that you are going to embrace an altogether new looks in your house. Here are a few tips which are going to be a big help to you.

You can try adding up some vintage charm in the window treatment– You can actually try adding up some vintage charm in the window treatment. You bet that it is going to be great if you choose to do so. It is going to be delectably different as well as refreshing. You would love the ambiance you create in your house with this change.

You can go for the mixture of contemporary and the traditional- In this connection you can choose to do a pretty important thing. You bet that it is going to be challenging to accomplish but the rewards are great. You can make it a point that you would go for the mixture of contemporary and the traditional.

Choose the styles cautiously- You need to make it a point that you are going to be choosy about the style that you are going to pick up. Choose the styles cautiously and you have to do it immaculately. It is the styles which are going to rock the show. So be very careful in this aspect.

Make it a point that you are going to cast a close look at the aforementioned window treatments. With these treatments you are eventually going to be able to increase the curb appeal to a great extent. Therefore you should not shy away from them. Make it a point that they are going to get implemented in the exact manner. Precision in implementation is a must.

The Roof-Mold Connection

November 9th, 2013

Roof-mold connectionSeveral maintenance and engineering managers have started up with the fully comprehension of the potential ramifications of mold for the purpose of maintaining indoor air quality. These ramifications can be the cause for sick building symptoms, degraded AIQ, and damaged building materials and law suits. Most is usually seen in the most organic building materials. It is very usual to see the lichens or molds which use to grow on the exterior surface of the roof on the top. Mold is usually seen on the wet wood nailers, on both type of materials treated and non treated. One common thing about all these surfaces is that they are above the roof deck and thus they have minimum effect on the IAQ.

When growth of mold is developed on interior surfaces, IAQ is highly affected and occupants of the building start asking questions.  Most of the organic building materials are able to support mold growth if the moisture and temperature will be in the specified limits. Here is the way roof mold is identified and prevented.

  • Identifying the culprit

The main cause behind mold growth is assumed to be moisture and temperature. Temperature doesn’t seem to be likely as there are many building with the same kind of interior environment. In these buildings some have mold while on the other hand some don’t have mold. Thus moisture must be the single cause behind the mold growth. Most of the mold growth is related with condensation issue and leak problems in the roof, walls or windows. According to the result of certain research, it is proved that the contribution of the building to the roof leaks is within forty eight hours. Mold is generally observed in the ceiling tiles close to the repeated roof leaks or where there is condensation due to lack of insulation. Mold is prone to spreading to the gypsum board behind the wallpaper of vinyl where window, roof and wall leaks create a moist environment. Vinyl wallpaper is such which prevents the stops the moisture from drying out.

  • Leak Response

The first step of any homeowner to get away from mold is to prevent leaks. This leads to prevention of mold growth. Apart from these we seen above that roof leaks are the major contributor in the mold growth. Thus it will be the best thing to keep the water away from the organic building and stay away from the issues of leakage. Technicians must find out the origin of leaks and its timely prevention.

  • Proactive Step

Leak response is very essential and it is also reactive. It is reactive in the sense that it makes the materials wet before it got caught. The solution for this would be to develop a roof maintenance technique and protect your roof from getting damaged. You should inspect your roof at a specific time intervals to get to know whether your roof is damaged or wet or having mold issues or not. Special inspection after storm and heavy winds is must as it is prone to damage the roof.

Tips to remove molds and mildews from your bathroom

October 21st, 2013

remove molds and mildews from bathroomBathrooms are one place in the house that gets dirty very easily and it is also the place that needs to be clean and sanitary at all times. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your bathroom clean at all times. And while cleaning your bathroom, you will have to make sure that you get rid of the molds and mildews as well. Molds and mildews flourish in moist and warm conditions and therefore they thrive in bathrooms. Molds and mildews make your bathroom look filthy and omit bad odor as well. So, it is important that you get rid of them as soon as you spot them.

To clean the molds and mildews, you must first put on a face mask and a pair of rubber gloves. Mask will prevent you from breathing in the molds and the gloves will protect your hands from them. You will then have to make a paste with some water and baking soda and use a piece of rag to scrub the bathroom thoroughly with this baking soda paste. After scrubbing, rinse the bathroom with clean water and wait for the bathroom to dry out completely. To hasten the drying process you can switch on the lights.

Next, make a solution with 5 cups of hot water and 1 cup of bleach and use it to scrub your bathroom thoroughly once more. This solution is extremely effective in killing molds and mildews. After scrubbing, rinse and let your bathroom dry. After the bathroom is dry, you should inspect your bathroom; there will no molds and mildews left. However, the bad odor might still linger on and to get rid of the smell you can pour some vinegar in a squirt bottle and spray it around your bathroom. This will help you to get rid of the odor.

Making an ideal study space

October 10th, 2013

study spaceThere are several arguments among the students and their parents regarding the actual place which is ideal for the students to study. Students make sure to convince their parents and teachers that they are too much comfortable to prepare their lessons even with the Mp 3 player on. But it is a must for them to have an ideal place to study so that they can come out with flying colors from their schools and colleges.

An ideal study space definitely is comfortable but this comfort should be limited. Armchairs and sofas should not be there in a study space, so that you grow a tendency to relax and study. This will finally lead to a distraction to the lesson being studied. Al the study tools that are necessary to successfully finish the lesson should be there within the reach of your hand so that you don’t need to jump from this end to that end of the house to collect them.
Water and other required snacks should be there to ensure a long run study process.

It is preferable to avoid keeping a bed in the study room, which can slowly take you there and enjoy a long sleep. The doors of a study table should not be sound proof as because too much noise is a hinder to a proper study process. Energizers like tea or coffee can be opted to keep the mind refreshed.

But many students do not find a suitable study space and thus they have a habit of blocking their ears with the fingers and study. This does not actually lead to productive study. Too much noise delays the preparation and moreover the lesson prepared is forgotten very easily. So a proper chair, table with all the required stationeries, enough amount of water and snacks accompanied with a switched off cell phone together makes a proper study space in your house.