Shower curtains are nothing but a special type of curtain used in bathtub at the time of bathing. Often they are called shower enclosures. Basically they are made of polyvinyl, thin cloth etc. It consists of mainly two purposes and they are the following.
1).To provides utmost privacy while taking a shower.
2). Prevent the possibility of flooding inside the bathroom.

The shower curtains usually surround the tub or shower area and thereby separate the area from the rest of the bathroom. Not only that, it is fixed in the bathroom with railings or some kind of curtain rods. To accommodate different types of bathtubs a manufacturer can suggest suitable design of it. They are also flexible in their sizes. Many people mainly use two types of curtains. One is situated inside the tub which is basically functional and the other one is called outer shower curtain which is mainly decorative. Every people should go for it.

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