Storage options for a small home

Home storage, home improvementA small is always budget friendly and a warm & cozy place to live in. As there are advantages in a small home, there are some disadvantages as well. One of the major challenges or disadvantage will be the storage area or in finding a storage option. Some great storage options are discussed below, these solutions are good for small homes…

• Restrain yourself to use less storage area. Try to discard or sell old or unused items in the house.
• Try to add extra shelves to existing wood or metal fixtures.
• Area under the bed is a good spot for storing old books, bed sheets and off season clothes.
• Making a hollow floor can also act as a storage area.
• Use the space under the staircase.
• Walls should be optimally used to accommodate more shelves for books and magazines.
• Use baskets to have the storage of towels and kitchen clothes, this’ll avoid cluttering.

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