Tips For Spring Cleaning your Roof

Roof cleaningWhen it comes to cleaning, we usually keep our flooring clean; we also keep our windows clean, also our backyard, our furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom and several other parts of our home. Have you ever thought of cleaning your roof? Cleaning your roof is also very essential and equally important but it is ignored. Cleaning your roof becomes a necessity before spring hits our home. You might not have paid focus on cleaning your roof before spring but reading this article you must clean your roof and you must clean it in the way suggested in this article as it is easy and effective. When winter is following us and spring is just hitting our doorsteps there are many things on you’re to do list which should be cleaning basement, gutters and roof. These are actually the focus points of spring cleaning your roof.

  • Clean gutters

The first and foremost thing you should do in cleaning your roof is to have a look at the gutter. If you see technically then gutter is not considered as a part of roof but still it affects your roof a lot. Gutter plays a major role in how rain water flows through your roof and water don’t get clogged up in your roof which is why gutter cleaning is given priority in cleaning your roof list. While cleaning your gutters, start with cleaning any leaves, twigs or debris which is there in the gutter and blocking the way of the water to flow. After winter has hit your home, you will definitely find these things on your roof and cleaning your roof includes clearing off all these things. When you see all these debris you might think of flushing all debris down with a garden hose instead of doing it manually but chances are there it will result in a clogged downspout. After doing it manually you can use garden hose and clean it off.

  • Inspect for loose or damaged shingles

After cleaning the gutters, now let’s move on to actually cleaning your roof. Start cleaning your roof but just having a look at your roof from the ground. Try and figure out whether there is any loose shingles or any loose material or whether there is any wear around the pipes or any other areas of your roof. Cleaning your roof also includes having a look around the chimney or trim or your flashing. Also inspect if there is any fungus or chimney. If fungus and algae are left just like that on your roof it can cause damage and result in leaks.

  • Trim those branches which are damaging roof

While cleaning your roof, if you find any branches of tree near by your roof which is touching your roof and damaging it then cut it down before it results in damaging it more. While cleaning your roof by clearing off limbs or branches of tree, make sure you do it safely and in wise manner or else possibility are there you injure yourself.

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