Tips to clean gum from a bed sheet

clean gum from a bed sheetA chewing gum can sometimes result into a pretty irritating substance. Sometimes these gums stick on your bed sheets. Removing them can be really tough if you do not the tricks to remove it quite easily. Here are some tips that will surely help you in cleaning all the bed sheets using these tips.

  • You can use ice to remove gum from your bed sheets. At first you will be required to freeze the gum using ice. As ice will help you in freezing the gum you can easily remove the gum and clean your bed sheet.
  • Vinegar also works well in removing the gum easily. You can apply vinegar and it will make the gum leave the bed sheet. As the gum leaves the sheet you can wash it regularly to get a fresh sheet.
  • Peanut butter is another substance that helps in removing the gum from the sheet. All you need is to apply some butter on the gum which will melt and later you can wash it.

So next time if your bed sheet has a gum on it you can use these tips to get a freshly washed sheet.

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