Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Fresh

clean bathroom, bathroomYour bathroom is one of the most frequented chambers of your room everyday. A clean environment is the most needed in the washroom to ensure proper hygienic ambience and the needed fresh feel all through. Bathroom cleaning isn’t that tough- you just have to be little particular with certain steps. The article below lays down the needed tips on how to keep your bathroom clean & fresh.

General cleaning once a week

Make sure to clean up your washroom at least once in a week. Start off with vacuuming to get rid off the excess debris or dirt. You should not wet up the surface before the vacuum as it only result in a nasty muddy cake on your beautifully finished bathroom tiles. After you are done with vacuuming it’s time to clean up thoroughly with water. Make a solution with liquid dish-washer and warm water & mop all across the washroom floor with the solution. Get the latest microfiber mops that are easily passable to the hard-to-reach corners. Refill your bucket with another set of the soapy solution when it gets dingy & dark.

Stubborn dirt

When it comes to stubborn dirt on the bathroom floors, just a soapy water approach won’t work. You have to take to the stronger cleaning agents like muriatic acid or chlorine here. However, these chemical cleaners can get you side effects like skin allergies or irritations and hence always use gloves while working with them. Let the solution stay on the dirt marks for 2 hours or little more and then scrub the stains off. Rinse up the floor thoroughly.

Be careful with mildew

Bathroom presents a moist environ which in turn leads to mold & mildew inside the washroom. Thus, you have to follow a scrubbing routine once in 7 days- make a solution with water & bleach which would be applied on mildew. Let it rest for some hours and then scrub off with a good soft-bristled brush.

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